On July 15, 2014 when uber-Conservative Hillsdale College students and faculty asked Paul Ryan about the ExIm bank, Ryan unequivocally stated “I want to get rid of it”.

ExIm, (short for Export Import), Bank is kind of like a piggy bank for multi-Crony Capitalistnational companies, except it’s filled with your tax payer dollars.  Essentially, ExIm is a slush fund that allows very big, very profitable companies like Boeing, General Electric and Caterpillar to protect their high profits by only risking YOUR tax money on dicey deals; and if those deals go bad, the corporation doesn’t pay the bill – YOU do.

In 2015, ExIm was facing steep Congressional objections from both sides of the aisle and was all but dead.  On Oct 6, 2015, Ryan even told the Christian Science Monitor Media Breakfast attendees that ExIm was an “institution corrupt with crony capitalism that made financial decisions based on a political agenda”.

But then a funny thing happened, $5.3 million dollars of ‘donations’ from ExIm supporters and beneficiaries flowed into Paul Ryan’s PACs.

Suddenly, Ryan had a change of heart.  To ensure the much hated Exim Bank 13754503_1770139986589739_7000358614973327009_nwould get funded, Ryan slipped ExIm reauthorization into the one bill guaranteed to pass – the pork stuffed Transportation Bill.  Ryan’s trick worked, the Transportation Bill passed and wala, the much hated ExIm slush fund was open for business again.

Up on Capitol Hill, ExIm is commonly known as ‘Boeing’s Bank’, since Boeing is generally the largest ExIm recipient, raking in 40% of all ExIm dollars.  In fact, the super profitable aircraft company gobbled up  $8.3 million in taxpayer funded benefits, even though Boeing’s net income was already well above $7 billion.  Guess who is a big Ryan contributor?  That’s right, Boeing.

Paul Ryan made YOU pay Boeing’s insurance policy just so HE could get fat campaign donations.  Does that sound conservative to you?  Me neither.

You see, a true conservative would never expect taxpayers to pay for private industry’s insurance policies and he darn sure wouldn’t be selling out American taxpayers based on special interest ‘donations’.

Wisconsin deserves better.  Vote for Paul Nehlen in the August 9th primary and let’s Make Wisconsin great again!