Paul Ryan’s 7 Deadly Sins – TPP

Paul Ryan’s 7 Deadly Sins – TPP

Paul Ryan

The Trans-Pacific Partnership – and Paul Ryan’s 7 Deadly Sins
  1. Article 27 sets up a legislative body superior to Congress
  2. Article 20.4 is a vehicle to pass Obama’s climate change treaty
  3. Article 10 & 12 facilitates increased legal immigration
  4. Article 18 reduces patent protections
  5. Article 30 & 31 places quotas on US Agriculture exports
  6. **Codicil doc increased currency manipulation
  7. Article 27 reduced US power; one nation one vote

(See “What’s Actually in the Trans-Pacific Partnership?” by Howard Richman, Raymond Richman & Jesse Richman, American Thinker, 11/20/15)

I would run for congress against Speaker Ryan on this issue alone. This trade deal isn’t just bad. It will be the fundamental undoing of America.

This is what will happen: Companies in China will be able to set up factories in the United States and bring their workers here.

Why would doing so be such a terrible idea?

Some Chinese factories consist of the factory floor, a dormitory, and a nursery. Its workers live and make babies in that dormitory; eat in a cafeteria; and work in that factory while their babies are cared for in that nursery and they have no reason to leave the complex. They are, in fact, indentured servants.

Can you imagine that happening here, in the United States of America?

Paul Ryan is not out there pointing out the enormous defects of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
In reality, this ill-conceived program involves captured markets, managed markets, private markets, and free markets—the very essence of central planning.

This is socialism!

Paul Ryan has reached the apex, rising to the peak of central planning. He’s now the Head Central Planner.

When Paul Ryan’s fast track promotion of the Trans Pacific trade deal arose, my head exploded; I was shaken to my very core by his lightening fast, matrix-breaking betrayal. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Here’s a guy I had supported and made phone calls for. Now he’s championing the worst trade deal in our lifetime.

Then I remembered how Ryan would tell me this, but then vote for that.

Now we’re in a trap with the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Paul Ryan calls himself a conservative. But, I ask you: By what measure is he one?
The Trans-Pacific Partnership that he’s pushed through Congress is worse than NAFTA. It sets up a super national organization similar to the European Union. We know all too well what the European Union is doing right now, and we don’t want that to happen here.

Paul Ryan is the poster boy for outside interests. He’s a career politician who’s reaped his ever-growing mountain of campaign cash primarily via large donations coming straight from inside the Washington Beltway.
In helping out his big donor cronies, Paul Ryan votes against the manufacturers, small businesses, workers, tax payers, and families of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District on issue after issue.

Yet he pretends to support us.

I am building a movement, one that has already attracted the support of major conservative personalities and organizations. My campaign encompasses the 1st District and reaches across our nation.
Paul Ryan talks about unity, but you cannot unite a party around principles that you’ve abandoned. When cronyism and self-aggrandizement are your reasons for getting up in the morning, it’s time to call it quits as a congressional representative.

This is my pledge to you: August 9 will be Paul Ryan’s day of reckoning.

Well, that’s all, for now.

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-Paul Nehlen