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So What’s the Big Deal About TPP?

So What’s the Big Deal About TPP?

So what’s the big deal about TPP?  Well, not much except that it kills our jobs, poisons our food, puts America under international law and pretty much guarantees a life of poverty for generations to come.  Here for your reading enjoyment is a short, (and by no means complete), laundry list of Paul Ryan’s TPP Poverty Plan:


  • TPP prevents the US from enforcing our own immigration lawsIf people knew what was in TPP
  • Under TPP’s ‘movement of foreign nationals’ section, TPP prevents the US from limiting the number of H1B visas, i.e. foreign workers imported to replace American workers – i.e. UNLIMITED IMMIGRATION.

o   As we saw under the South Korea Trade Agreement, the vast majority of South Koreans who came over on H1B visas have overstayed visa expiration and now remain in the United States as illegal aliens…eligible for amnesty



  • TPP is 30 Chapters long, but less than 5 of those chapters deal with actual trade barriers.

o   The other 25 Chapters seek to change our Domestic policy, from immigration to climate change (TPP enforces the Paris Climate Agreement)

  • Obama is claiming victory for addressing tariffs in TPP; but tariffs have not been a significant trade barrier since the 1970s
  • Obama did NOTHING to address the real trade barriers killing American business & jobs:

o   Currency Manipulation: TPP does not address currency manipulation, the #1 trade barrier killing American businesses both in domestic and exports.

  • Asian currency manipulation robs the US of $800 billion and 8 million jobs
  • 7 of the world’s top 10 currency manipulators are parties to the TPP.
      • China, the world’s biggest currency manipulator, has been invited to join TPP, (by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton), further legitimizing currency manipulation.

o   VAT Taxes – TPP does not address VAT Taxes imposed by other countries which kill America’s ability to sell exports


  • TPP proponents continue to claim TPP allows the US, not China to write the rules on trade.
  • With the formation of AIIB, China has created the world’s largest world bank
  • ALL of the TPP partners already belong to AIIB, as well as most of our European allies.
  • The borrower is always slave to the lender, in this case the lender is China; therefore China already wrote the rules of trade.
  • **See separate primer on AIIB for more data



  • TPP creates a ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership Commission’, an unelected body of foreign officials who will dictate the terms of the treaty
  • Commission can change treaty without our approval even after we sign it and will be bound by new provisions.
  • Congress will have no say in any future changes and no way to prevent or undo the changes, as by authorizing TPP they would be authorizing any future changes in advance, without knowing what those changes might be

o   Talking point note: What kind of idiot would bind themselves to a contract where they agree in advance to future unknown changes imposed by the other party?

  • Commission essentially created an EU for the Pacific. Since the EU has been an abysmal economic failure, we can expect the same here, since 3rd world countries like Brunei will be given the same authority as the US.
  • The Commission can allow any country, including China and even Iran, to ‘dock on’ to the agreement and receive special favored trade status, even against US wishes
  • Under international law, TPP is a treaty.
  • Although Congress has labeled TPP a ‘trade agreement’, that’s just a trick to lower the amount of votes needed to pass TPP.
  • As a signed treaty, all future Presidents and Congresses will be bound under international law by the terms of TPP.
  • If we attempt to break the treaty, the Commission and other member countries can and will impose severe sanctions on the United States.



  • ISDS allows a foreign owner of U.S. property (land, businesses, stocks, bonds) to SKIP AMERICAN COURTS and instead sue U.S. state and local governments in a global court, before a panel of private arbitrators.
  • The global court has authority to override US laws, and to award large sums of money to foreign interests, including for the nebulous claim that their “profit expectations” were not met.
  • The global court has already forced the US to change our laws, as can be seen in the 2015 WTO Country of Origin Labeling ruling which forced the United States Congress to create a law ordering US beef producers to stop labeling their beef as ‘Made in the USA’

o   NOTE: In a 4-21-2015 oped authored by Paul Ryan, Ryan insisted that “Congress-and only Congress-can change US law”. Less than two months later, the WTO forced Congress to change our Country of Origin Labeling law as it applied to beef, chicken and poultry.

  • TPP includes a provision that allows could allow foreign companies to sue not just the Federal government, but also state, county, city and township governments; who would be ill equipped to fight such a battle.
  • One individual loss in global court could easily bankrupt a state or local government. Through NAFTA, such awards against the Federal government have run well into the hundreds of millions of dollars.  There is no subsequent way to appeal.
  • The D.O.J. currently loses 90% of its cases with the WTO.  It is unrealistic to expect state and local governments to fare any better. Losses result in sanctions and fines, drawn from taxpayer coffers.



  • TPP requires us to accept food imports that do not meet FDA and USDA safety standards.
  • If TPP passes, US inspectors would no longer be able to reject contaminated food.

o   One study shows over 80% of Thai seafood imported into the US is rejected due to contaminants like rodent hair, feces and banned chemicals such as DDT and mercury



  • The TPP prohibits country-of-origin labeling on food & products.  As a result, there will be no way for US consumers to support American jobs by buying ‘Made in America’ labeled product; nor will they be able to protect themselves from lower quality and possibly tainted imported foods
  • All existing preferential programs which encourage consumers to buy local or American products will be banned.  In addition, all local, State and Federal contract preferences to local, State and US businesses will also be banned.


  • Half of the 12 TPP partner countries are identified by the US State Department as Human Rights Violators with listed violations including:

o   Slave labor

o   Human trafficking

o   Sex slavery

o   ‘Maternity slaves’ (aka forced surrogate motherhood)

o   Sharia law

o   Beheading Christians

o   Stoning rape victims

o   Crucifying homosexuals

  • Trading with human rights violators encourages the use of slave labor in order to keep product prices low


  • Multi-lateral agreements by definition, force the ‘power’ player, (in this case the US), to give away far more concessions than would otherwise be offered in a one on one negotiation
  • Fair and equitable deals can only be achieved in one-on-one bi-lateral agreement between two countries
  • The US has the largest consumers market in the entire world.  TPP ‘partners’ need the US market far more than we need theirs.
  • While Paul Ryan is correct that 95% of the world population lives outside the United States, the vast majority of those people, especially in the areas to be governed by TPP cannot afford to buy a cup of rice let alone US exports like blue jeans, Buicks and beef.
  • The Congressional Budget Office’s own analysis of TPP shows that the US will only gain a one tenth of one percent GDP increase and only and this miniscule increase will only be achieved after 15 years.
  • TPP, when stripped down, is simply Japan’s way of avoiding a bi-lateral agreement with the US which would have forced Japan to negotiation more fairly
  • The US already trades with all 12 of the TPP countries without a multi-lateral treaty, therefore, we are only losing trade advantages with no gain



  • Free traders like Paul Ryan are like anti-war hippies of the 1970’s.  Both naively believe that if we simply let down all our barriers, the rest of the world will do the same.  The reality is there will always be bad guys looking for an advantage.  Dropping our trade barriers while letting other countries keep theirs, (currency manipulation, VAT taxes, etc.), does not guarantee free trade.  What it does guarantee is a gutted, jobless America who let China steal our wealth.

train-wreck Nehlen



Paul Ryan Wants to Put China In Charge of Trade

Paul Ryan’s biggest baloney sandwich of a claim during his TPP pushing campaign has been to try to convince us that TPP lets America, not China, write the rules of trade.  Well, I suppose you can’t expect much Weinermobile Paul Ryanfrom a guy whose only real job outside of pocketing taxpayer dollars was driving the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile; because here’s the truth that any business man will understand – China already wrote the rules on global trade and TPP will seal the deal.  Paul Ryan’s just to wrapped up in his fancy Washington, DC lifestyle to see it.


China’s formation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, (AIIB), eliminates any possibility of using the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement as ‘China Containment’. Furthermore, AIIB’s formation means that China, not the United States, has written the rules for investment and trade – not only in Asia, but around the world.


  • China formed the AIIB, in October 2014
  • AIIB is now the largest world bank; its scope and funds outsizing the IMF, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, (ADB), combined
  • SCOPE: 57 Founding Member Countries, including:

o   6 of the Asian TPP partners are already members, with 2 more, (Japan and Canada), under consideration.

o   Key European allies and TTIP partners have joined AIIB including: Germany, Switzerland, UK, France, Austria, Finland, Sweden

o   The Islamic Development Bank has also joined AIIB

  • INVESTMENT:  At $1 trillion, the AIIB initial investment base is double the combined investment base of the IMF ($200 Bn), World Bank ($200 Bn) and ADB ($165 Bn)


Dozens of emerging, pre-emerging and well developed first world economies will now be growing crops, building plants, and making investments all with manipulated currency, making it impossible for the United States to compete on any level and in any playing field world-wide.  Cynical critics argue that China’s investment in the AIIB was essentially funded by the United States’ trade deficit.

  • By most accounts, the Chinese Yuan is undervalued by 40%
  • Excluding the future impact of AIIB, currency manipulation has already cost the US GDP $800 billion and 8 million jobs, with half of that caused by China alone.   Eliminating this would increase our GDP to 6%+ overnight.
  • With China funding these investments, which include SEO’s, through manipulated currency they have a 40% advantage over the U.S, which explains why countries like Germany joined AIIB.

So why is this a big deal?  Using AIIB’s manipulated money is kind of like borrowing $100 and paying it back with Mexican pesos that only cost you $60 bucks.  That’s why all of the TPP partners, as well as most of Europe, have joined China’s AIIB bank – it’s a 40% off clearance sale and America is left holding the bag.

It is intellectually dishonest to argue that TPP is “China containment” which allows the United States to ‘write Asian trade rules’.  By funding the largest world bank, China now has 56 new trading partners, all governed by China’s AIIB rules.  In other words, China has already written the rules of trade. 

The only chance America has to excel in the global market place is to ensure REAL currency manipulation enforcement is important and strong balanced trade initiatives are enforced.  Something Paul Ryan is either unwilling or unable to do.

The reality is that by forming the AIIB, China has positioned itself to control the “TPP Commission” – the unelected body of international bureaucrats that will dictate implementation, future changes and growth of the Trans Pacific Trade Agreement.  China will dictate those changes, either de facto through influence, or directly through the docking agreement mechanism.  In essence, if the United States Congress passes Paul Ryan’s TPP Poverty Plan, Congress will give our global power to China.