Ryan Kills 156,000 Wisconsin Jobs

Ryan Kills 156,000 Wisconsin Jobs



Currency manipulation is killing Wisconsin jobs, yet in his 17 years in office Paul Ryan has not NOTHING to stop this deadly trade practice.

The Economic Policy Institute report,  dated February 26, 2014, shows that of all 50 states, WISCONSIN would gain the most job growth if we simply stopped allowing other countries to rob our jobs through currency manipulation practices.  In fact, WISCONSIN WOULD GAIN UP To 156,000 NEW JOBS.

Paul Ryan’s own district, CD-01 would have ranked 20th in the nation for new job growth, gaining up to 22,000 jobs.

Yet Paul Ryan refused to address currency manipulation in last year’s Trade Promotion Authority bill. Then he refused the strong currency manipulation enforcement measures recommended by Senator Jeff Sessions in this years’ grossly misnamed Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act.  Instead, Paul Ryan did what he always does – says a lot but does nothing.  In the end, Ryan allowed only allowed a weak, watered down suggestion that the President of the United States strongly scold currency manipulators and offered no real enforcement measures, and only then if the President felt like it.

After 17 years in Congress, and no experience in the real world, Ryan just doesn’t understand how badly Wisconsin and all of America are getting screwed.  His failure to act is closing Wisconsin businesses and costing Wisconsin jobs.

The Coalition for a Strong America reports:

Currency manipulation directly impacts the pocket books of every American; closing businesses and costing jobs.

The IMF definition of currency manipulation is when one country directly intervenes into the exchange market and buys another country’s currency in order to gain an unfair trade advantage.  Essentially, this practice makes the manipulator’s products artificially cheaper, and the victim’s products artificially more expensive.  Though the IMF prohibits currency manipulation under Article 4, Section iii; many IMF member countries continue to engage in currency manipulation without punishment.Smashing Dollar Sign

Currently ranked as the world’s worst currency manipulator, China uses this tactic to flood American shelves with ultra-low cost goods, eliminating competition from domestic American producers; while at the same time making American products imported into China far too costly for the average Chinese person to buy.  China’s predatory trade practice has resulted in a $36 billion trade deficit between the two countries.

“Currency manipulation is the most significant 21st century trade barrier that American manufacturers face” said Ziad Ojackli, Senior Vice President of Ford Motor Company.

According to the Peterson Institute, a Washington based think tank, currency manipulation has a significant impact on America’s economy.  By driving up the price of American products, currency manipulation impedes America’s ability to sell American made products here or abroad – closing businesses.

By using currency manipulation to run up a trade deficit, other countries are effectively exporting their unemployment to the U.S. – costing jobs.

The Peterson Institute goes on to report that currency manipulation has robbed the American economy nearly $800 billion and 8 million jobs.

Several Congressmen tried to force Paul Ryan to include currency manipulation enforcement as part of the TPA/TPP agreement but Paul Ryan and his globalist cronies refused to allow the measure.

Does Paul Ryan not care about Wisconsin jobs, or is he just too busy being a Washington bureaucrat to care?